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Bronx Cosmetic Dentist

     Bronx Cosmetic Dentist

          In the past, people visited Bronx dental professionals for the treatment of diseases and emergencies. Dentistry has come a long way since then because the best Bronx dentist can still treat oral diseases, but he can also give his patients a smile makeover. This area of dentistry is known as “cosmetic dentistry,” and you can obtain these treatments from Cosmetic Dentistry in Bronx. Of course, you will be able to have cosmetic procedures done, but Cosmetic Dentistry in Bronx also treats your entire family, performs general dentistry and restores missing teeth.

           The dentist in Bronx 10469 can treat your decaying teeth with amalgam or gold. If there is a filling that you prefer other than these two types, the dentists can provide it for you. They can even offer you an option that is the same color as your natural teeth. Dental fillings are a common procedure because repairing decay is very important for people’s health.


        What Cosmetic Dental Treatments Can Do For You:

• Alter the size, shape and the alignment of your teeth
• Fill in gaps between your teeth
• Improve your bite
• Remove stains from your teeth
• Repair decay, chips, cracks or breaks
• Restore lost teeth
• Improve the look of previous dental treatments

           The Newest Dental Treatments

         Composite Bonding - If you have discolored, decayed or broken teeth, your dentist in Bronx 10469 can repair them with composite bonding. The dentist creates a composite material the color of your other teeth and re-shapes the damaged tooth so that it appears to be a natural part of your mouth.

        Veneers - Many people have cracked teeth, and your Bronx dental professional can make it so that you can smile again with confidence by placing dental veneers. The veneer is made with porcelain and composite laminates and bonded right on top of the crack. Talented dentists can also use veneers to fill in the unsightly gaps you may have between your teeth.

        Teeth Whitening - Americans are in the habit of drinking a great deal of coffee and wine that stain the teeth. If this is your issue, the best Bronx dentist can remove these stains with the whitening procedure. To achieve the desired results, the dentist in Bronx 10469 uses a bleaching agent after cleaning the teeth. In the beginning, the Bronx dental professional will want to perform this treatment for you. However, you can maintain the results you will receive with our take-home whitening trays.

        Invisalign - To straighten crooked teeth, we offer you clear non-noticeable aligners that are customized just for your mouth. These aligners are constructed from medical grade plastic, and they will fit over your teeth perfectly. No one will know that you are wearing them unless you tell them, and you can eat anything you want because you can remove the aligner before you eat.

       The Full Mouth Makeover - The best Bronx dentist is the one who can offer you a full mouth makeover because this is among the most advanced dental treatments that are available. The dentist must ensure that the muscles, bones and teeth are treated with extreme care when re-constructing your mouth. In some cases, you may need to see a specialist as well.

       There can be no doubt that cosmetic dentistry is the right choice for you after reading what your options are.


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