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Bronx Dentist About Dental Crowns In Bronx

  Bronx Dentist About Dental crowns In Bronx

        The Dental crown and the Dental veneer are commonly known dental products, but people often need someone to explain to them what the difference is between these two objects. If this were 20 years ago, a Bronx dentist would have answered this question in two very different ways. The patient would have heard that a veneer is a thin covering used to match the color of the other teeth.

        Dental Veneers weren’t popular in the past because they were made of porcelain, and this substance doesn’t last for very long. Even so, people could find a dentist in Bronx who would eagerly make veneers for them, but these Bronx dentists were hard to find. That’s because cosmetic dentistry was in its infancy at the time.

       Another choice a Bronx dental professional had was to fuse gold or ceramic to metal to create an artificial crown that would replace a missing tooth. When this option was chosen, dentists used cement to restore teeth. If they were placing veneers on their patients teeth, dentists employed a bonding procedure.

       The Bronx dentist would opt to place a Dental crown if the tooth was broken down to the point where a filling would be ineffective and in cases when the dentist would need to perform root canal therapy. That’s why the crown wasn’t considered a part of cosmetic dentistry two decades ago.

        Bronx dental professionals who agreed to place veneers on their patients’ teeth didn’t enjoy a very good reputation. As a matter of fact, dental schools refused to teach students how to do the procedure. Even today, students don’t learn cosmetic procedures from their dental schools, but this only means that they will engage in extra training after they graduate. Another requirement for a cosmetic dentist in Bronx is the need to be artistically talented. The other prerequisite to become an excellent cosmetic dentist is to practice the trade often.


        Dental Crowns and Veneers Made of Porcelain


       In the present day, the difference between crowns and veneers isn’t as readily apparent. If it would be a better option, the Bronx dental professionals at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry can create a crown and veneer in one. Currently, a dentist in Bronx makes crowns and veneers from the exact same substances, so it doesn’t matter which product our patients choose. Their crowns or their veneers will look more like their natural teeth because the best materials will be used to create the finished products.

       Nowadays, veneers are made to do more than just cover the front teeth. A Bronx dentist can also make a veneer fit over the top or the side of a tooth. Dentists aren’t limited to any particular kind of veneer that they can create for their patients. Lumineers are a popular type of veneer, but a dentist can also make veneers by the brands Mac, Da Vinci, Razor, Cerinate, Empress and Finesse. Part of what makes veneers unique is the material used to fabricate them, but they can also be distinct because different technicians are manufacturing them.

       A dentist in Bronx may suggest crowns or veneers for you if you have teeth that are stained, crooked, missing, cracked, broken or smaller than your other teeth. If crowns or veneers seem as if they would be right for you, call your dentist today for a consultation.


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