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Bronx Dentist Does Dental Implants

      Dental Implants By Dentist In Bronx

       Dental implants are becoming the solution of choice when patients are having problems with their teeth. Implants were created in the 1960s, and Bronx dental professionals have made serious advances since then. These implants are a great option, but they are not the only one that a Bronx dentist can offer patients.

        People with missing teeth can also have a bridge replace their teeth, and it remains a popular option. A dentist in Bronx may suggest that implants or bridges would be equally appropriate for people, but patients are often confused when they hear this, and they have no idea which one would be the best choice.

        Making a choice between an Dental implant and a Dental bridge will depend on the condition of your teeth and what you would like to accomplish. When you consult with a Bronx dentist, you will learn the difference between the two procedures and which one would suit your needs the best. Generally, the most highly preferred method for replacing missing teeth is the dental implant procedure. Implants are more expensive, but they are the more technologically advanced option.

        Cost is not the only issue that people with missing teeth must consider before they decide to have them replaced with implants or bridges. Often, people do not take into account the amount of time that they will need to devote to the implant procedure.

        The fact is that a dentist in Bronx needs a great deal of time to place implants. Contrary to what you may have heard on television, it takes longer than one day for a dentist to replace your teeth with implants. It will depend on the condition of your mouth, but you may be required to wait eight or nine months before you can receive your final crowns. Furthermore, you may need to have your Bronx dentist perform bone augmentation or another procedure, and this will add even more time to the process.

         At the point when some people learn how long the implant procedure can take, they decide that they would rather have a bridge. A bridge is not a complicated prosthetic option and does not require surgery. The dentist in Bronx will only need you to attend a couple of visits to create the bridge and place it in your mouth.

        If dental implants are a viable solution for you, don’t allow the amount of time that it will take to place them deter you. It may take an entire year for the procedure to be completed, but the results could last a very long time. In general, the crown that is placed on top of an implant is expected to last as long as 45 years. When compared to a bridge, we find that it can only be expected to last 15 years, and it may not even last that long.

       The other thing to consider is functionality. An implant is very much like a natural tooth. For quality and durability, you may want to have implants rather than bridges. At the same time, you may not be in favor of visiting the dentist several times throughout the year, so implants may not be your best solution.

       Before making a decision, just one thing you have to think about is time. Now that you know your options, you can make the best decision that will put a smile on your face again.

Dental Implant In Bronx

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