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Bronx Dentist Talks About Dental Bridges

    Bronx Dentist About Dental Bridges

         Did a tooth break during your childhood? Are you unhappy with how the gap makes you look? If you are, you can have this problem fixed with a dental bridge. A dental bridge is an apparatus that a Cosmetic Bronx dentist places in your mouth to fill in any gaps left by one or two teeth that have been lost. The bridge is known as a partial denture, but it remains in your mouth permanently. This means that once the dentist in Bronx has placed the bridge, you will not be able to remove it.

        In order to place the bridge, a Bronx dental professional will put crowns on either side of the gap where an abutment can be attached. The abutment teeth are called “pontics.” Pontics are made of different materials, including alloys, gold, porcelain or a combination of the three.


     Why Is It a Good Idea to Have a Dental Bridge?

      Dental bridges make it so that you can smile without feeling self-conscious. You can also be understood more easily by others when you are speaking, and you can chew your food more effectively. Replacing your missing teeth with bridges also helps your jaw line to remain intact, and they keep your remaining teeth from moving out of place. They are an excellent option for creating a natural look, and they make it so that the force created when you bite down is distributed evenly throughout your mouth.


      What Types of Bridges Are There?

      A Bronx dental professional can place one of three different types of dental bridges.

      1.A traditional bridge has a crown on one side of the gap and the pontic in between. You will find that a Bronx dentist has extensive experience performing this procedure. This type of bridge is comprised of porcelain or ceramic and metal materials.

      2. The second type of bridge that a dentist in Bronx can create for you is called a “Maryland bridge” or a “resin-bonded bridge.” The gums and teeth of these bridges are made of plastic, and metal is used to support them. Additional support is provided on both sides of the bridge with metal wings where the Bronx dentist bonds them to your existing teeth.

      3. The third option is the cantilever bridge. The Bronx dental professional will choose this type when the patient has natural teeth on one side of a gap.


       The Dental Bridge Procedure

     It may require several appointments to complete the dental bridge procedure. During your first appointment, the dentist in Bronx re-shapes the teeth adjacent to the gap so that the crowns can easily fit over them. This will only be done after anesthesia has been administered. Then, the dentist can take an impression of your teeth so that the technicians at the lab can make your bridge. Because the re-shaping caused your teeth to be exposed, the dentist will need to place a temporary bridge.

     At your second appointment, the dentist will place your permanent bridge, but this may not be the end of this procedure. You may find that it is necessary for your dentist to perform periodic adjustments so that your bite is just right. Two weeks may need to pass before your dentist can apply cement to your new bridge so that it will remain in place permanently. Provided that you exercise good dental hygiene habits, your bridge should last for years.

Before dental bridge
After dental bridge

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