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       New cosmetic procedures are causing waiting rooms in dentists’ offices to fill up because these people are seeking more than just their regularly scheduled check-ups. Nowadays, people can visit a Bronx dental professional to improve the looks of their teeth. One treatment will be better for you than another, so you will need to visit a Bronx dentist to have a thorough examination and learn what your options are. After that, you will have a smile you will be proud to show off. Below are several treatments that you may ask your dentist in Bronx to consider performing for you.

       Teeth Whitening

      Several people have visited a Bronx dentist to have their teeth whitened because it is a popular procedure. Stains develop on our teeth because of what we eat and drink, but smoking also contributes to this problem. The answer is to have a whitening procedure done to eliminate these discolorations. You can allow your dentist in Bronx to whiten your teeth in the office, or you can do it yourself with a whitening kit. If you choose to allow a Bronx dental professional to do it for you, the results are likely to last for many years.


       Veneers are applied on a fairly frequent basis in a cosmetic dentist’s office. They are an excellent choice if your teeth are worn down, chipped or have gaps or stains. The Bronx dentist changes the shape or color of a tooth with a veneer by placing this tooth-colored apparatus on the front portion of the affected tooth. Veneers also serve the purpose of protecting your teeth from any further damage and will last for a long time.


      If you need to have a tooth re-shaped or the color enhanced, bonding is another option that you have. Unlike the veneer, the dentist in Bronx will apply the material directly onto your tooth to correct the smaller cracks and chips that you may have. However, this solution is not as permanent as veneers. If you are looking for a solution for misshaped or discolored teeth that is not as expensive as veneers, bonding is an option.

     Dental Fillings

    In the past, when Bronx dental professionals needed to repair decay, the only choice they had was the silver-colored metal filling. Now, we are much more fortunate because we can have our cavities treated with a composite filling that is much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can even have your old silver fillings removed by a cosmetic dentist and replaced with tooth-colored fillings that appear natural. Patients who have this procedure done are much happier with the results when they offer their smiles to the world.


     Several people throughout the world have teeth that are crooked or misaligned. In the past, the only thing that a dentist could do to straighten a patient’s teeth was apply braces. Many patients were unhappy with this option because braces would seriously alter their looks. Fortunately, new technology made it unnecessary for people to wear braces to align their teeth because invisalign was born. With invisalign, the patient receives a clear custom-made tray that fits into the mouth and can be removed at any time. This plastic option is just as effective as the silver metal braces that were popular in the past, but people favor the invisalign option because other people don’t know that these patients have invisalign trays in their mouths.

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