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Dental Extraction With Dentist In Bronx

     Bronx Dentist About Dental Extraction

       People are well aware of the fact that The Best Dentists Bronx is capable of extracting problematic teeth. In this process, the dentist removes the tooth from the patient’s mouth in a procedure that is called “exodontia.” The Best Bronx dentist will have one of several reasons for believing that tooth extraction is the right course of action.

       Why would someone need to have a tooth extracted? If it’s not possible for a Bronx dental professional to repair the tooth, then extraction will be suggested. Examples of teeth that may need to be removed for this reason are those that are cracked, broken or decayed beyond repair.

       If the tooth is in the wrong place or it cannot perform its duties effectively, it will be a candidate for extraction. A tooth that is mal-positioned will most likely need to be removed. A wisdom tooth that is in the wrong position can cause the inside of the cheek to be irritated, so the dentist in Bronx 10469 will recommend that the tooth be extracted.

       If the teeth are impacted, the Bronx dentist Dr.Sandler often suggests extraction for these teeth. Examples of impacted teeth are those that are unable to fully erupt because there isn’t enough room and misaligned teeth. Teeth that are not in the correct position are unable to serve their purpose, so they are excellent candidates for removal as well.

      One time when a Bronx dental professional is highly likely to recommend extraction is if periodontal disease has affected the tooth. The reason is that the bone that supports the tooth has been compromised. As time goes by, the periodontal disease has a chance to advance, and the surrounding bone deteriorates to the point where the teeth can become loose.

       Some teeth are not very functional, so if they are likely to present a problem, the dentists Bronx may determine that extraction is a wise choice. A wisdom tooth that was able to erupt may not have a partner to bite against. If this is the case, extraction of the wisdom tooth is an option. The location of the wisdom teeth can also make them problematic for the patient. They are not easy to clean, and this can place the surrounding teeth at risk of being subjected to periodontal disease or decay.

       Sometimes, people need to have teeth extracted before they can receive orthodontic treatment. Typically, a Bronx dentist will remove teeth before placing braces on a patient’s teeth. Removal of problematic teeth makes it easier for a Bronx dental professional to properly align crooked teeth along the jaws, and this can only be done if some of the teeth are removed.

        Unfortunately, tooth extraction can be painful for those who are required to have this procedure done. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most painful dental procedures that dentists perform, and patients may be tempted to avoid it. However, tooth extraction may be very necessary to prevent even more serious problems from occurring in the future, so even if they believe that they can live with the current problem, it could get worse. Those who refuse to allow their teeth to be removed may need to pay for more expensive treatment if their problems worsen. Having their teeth removed will save them money and will also save time.

Dental Extraction in Bronx

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