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Dental Implants In Bronx 10469

     Dental Implants  In Bronx 10469 with Bronx Dentist Dr.Sandler

        A dentist in Bronx replaces missing teeth with Dental implants. The most advantageous material used to fabricate implants is titanium because it bonds so well with human bone. If you have missing teeth and would like to have them restored with implants, your Bronx dentist will not do the job alone. The surgical dentist will be the one to place the implant into the jawbone, and the restorative dentist will finish the job.

     The dental implant procedure is a two-part process, and it will require that you wait at least three months between these two different procedures because the area will need to heal completely.


         1.Dental Implant Surgery


      During the surgery, your Bronx dentist will place your new Dental implants into your bone. You won’t feel any pain because your Bronx dental professional will administer anesthesia to the area. After you are numb, your dentist will need to expose the jawbone by creating an incision. Next, the surgeon takes a drill and creates a hole in the bone for the purpose of allowing water to pass through. Then, the Bronx dentist can prepare the implant by twisting it into the appropriate shape and setting it into the correct space. The dentist in Bronx closes the wounds with stitches and covers the newly created hole so that it can heal for three months or more if this is needed. During that time, the bone will grow and incorporate the implant so that it can become a functional part of the jawbone in a process that is called “osseointegration.”

           2.The Dental Implant Restoration Process

       When you are ready, a restorative dentist will place a Dental crown on top of the implant. After the area has been able to heal for a time, the Bronx dental professional examines the jaw to ensure that the implant has become sufficiently integrated with the bone. If so, a second hole will be made above the implant so that an abutment can be attached to the area. The abutment is needed so that the Bronx dentist has a place in which to build the crown. Once placed, the dentist makes adjustments so that the abutment is just right. Then, the dentist will determine the size that the crown needs to be and sends these measurements to the dental laboratory where the artificial tooth will be made. It will take a little time for the permanent tooth to be created, so the dentist in Bronx will place a temporary false tooth over the abutment. The permanent tooth can be applied after it arrives from the lab, and the dentist can complete the process.

        The surgery and the restoration are not uncommon procedures, and they are very easy for an experienced Bronx dental professional. Sometimes, the jawbone is not ready to accept an Dental implant. In this case, your dentist can perform a bone graft that re-shapes the bone so that an implant can be placed.

      The dental implant procedure doesn’t require the same amount of time for each individual patient. The reason is that each person has different oral hygiene habits, anatomy and physical conditioning. Even so, the most time-consuming portion of the entire process for everyone is the osseointegration.

     Sometimes, the dentist will be able to restore the tooth the day that the surgery occurs in a procedure called “immediate loading.” This means that you will be able to smile your new smile the day that your procedure begins.

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Dental Implant In Bronx

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