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Dr.Sandler Dentist in Bronx about Dental Implants

       Dentist In Bronx Dr.Sandler Talks About Dental Implants

      A Bronx dentist can place a dental implant in a patient’s jawbone so that it can serve as a placeholder for a prosthetic tooth. Patients and Bronx dental professionals alike are enthusiastic about these implants because they bear a strong resemblance to a natural tooth’s root. When these implants are placed in the jawbone, the chances that it will recede lessen. This procedure is actually a cosmetic procedure, so the type of dentist in Bronx that performs it is a cosmetic dentist, but this very same dentist is also a prosthetic dentist. A prosthetic dentist is the person that one needs to see when there are missing teeth to replace.

       Missing teeth is a very serious problem because people try not to smile or talk in public so that they don’t have to feel self-conscious about their looks. However, smiling and talking are very important for human beings, and it is impossible for them to live their entire lives without ever smiling or conversing with friends and family. Also, it’s important for people to eat a balanced diet that contains food choices from each of the food groups, and people with missing teeth find it to be difficult to eat some of these foods. Therefore, they avoid foods that are hard for them to eat, and they may even become malnourished.

       After the Bronx dentist places the implants, patients can eat anything they like. They can even eat the foods that they stopped consuming after they lost their natural teeth. The implants allow their mouths to become strong again, and with the stability they now have, they can confidently chew any of the foods that they used to eat when they had all of their natural teeth. After a Bronx dental professional replaces missing teeth with implants, the patient’s face regains its former structure and look. They keep the jawbone from deteriorating because there is something there to keep the bone stimulated. By replacing missing teeth with implants, a Cosmetic dentist in Bronx keeps his or her patients’ looks intact.


     Why People Lose Their Teeth

      The following are some of the common ways that people lose their teeth:

• The teeth begin to decay, and the patient never goes to the dentist to have them treated
• Root canal therapy fails
• The patient contracts periodontal or gum disease
• The patient experiences an injury that causes the teeth to fall out
• Wear and tear occurs when patients grind their teeth
• Hereditary ailments


       The Procedure

        The dental implant procedure consists of three different parts. The first is the consultation between Bronx dentist and patient. The second is the placement, and the third is recovery.

        The first part will be between a dentist in Bronx who will either be a prosthodontist, a periodontist or a surgeon and the patient. The consultation is when a complete examination will take place, and the dentist examines the jawbones, gums and teeth. The Bronx dental professional will ensure that the patient’s jawbone is substantial enough to be able to endure the procedure. To make this determination, the dentist may take X-rays, but he or she can also opt to take computer tomography scans or CT scans. Dentists also use CT scans during the procedure to help them place the implants in exactly the right position.

Dental Implant Bronx

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