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Boost Your Smile with Dentist Boston Rd Bronx NY 10469

Boost Your smile at Dental Office Bronx New York 10469

 C. The work that the Bronx Cosmetic Dentist performs is everything that falls under the description of making people’s teeth and gums look better. It has become apparent that the Bronx Cosmetic Dentist is being sought more often as the advertisements for this type of Dentist Bronx NY have increased all over the different types of media and on the Internet.

The Dentist Bronx NY employs several methods to give patients a smile they can be proud of.

The Dentist Bronx 10469 can fix teeth that are:

  • discolored,
  • out of shape,
  • broken
  • or missing
  • whether it is one tooth or many than need work.
  • The dentist can change the shape of teeth,
  • fill in the spaces between teeth,
  • make teeth larger or smaller
  • and restore a tooth that has been worn down.   

The procedures the Dentist Bronx NY performs most often are

A bonus result of these Cosmetic Procedures may be an  improved bite. An overbite, for example, can be responsible for people’s inability to articulate properly and effectively chew their food.

When a Dentist Bronx 10469 whitens a patient’s teeth, chemicals are used in a bleaching process. It’s a common method for removing stains from a person’s teeth. The need for teeth-whitening comes about because people drink coffee and tea, take certain medications and smoke. It can also be a familial trait or just be a function of growing older. The Bronx Cosmetic Dentist can do the bleaching for his or her patients, or they can obtain a home remedy that they can use with the dentist’s instruction.

Another method for correcting stains is bonding, when a dentist places a substance that is the same color as the patient’s teeth on the teeth to fill in gaps as well as change the color. This procedure, most likely, will not require more than one appointment, but the patient must be prepared for a very long visit. The effects are not as long-lasting as veneers, because bonding is susceptible to discoloration and chipping. Veneers are made from porcelain or other similar materials, and they are an alternative to the more expensive crown. After the process is finished, they will last much longer than bonding.

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