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Pediatric Dentist---- Ask any dentist in Bronx neighborhoods about the importance of a child’s oral health and the response will be that it is extremely important. This dentist on Boston Road has seen, firsthand, that children who are taught the basics of dental health at an early age carry good oral hygiene habits over into their adult lives.

This dentist in Bronx practice knows that oral health has a direct impact on a child’s overall health. When a child has healthy teeth and gums, there is increased performance in school activities, as well as social activities. This dentist on Boston Road has seen the effects of poor oral health. Children can have lower grades in school, as well as problems with social interaction. A child with bad teeth can suffer from low self-esteem and a sense of inadequacy.

Any dentist in Bronx practice should be able to answer questions that might arise about the dental health of children. These questions can include:
What is the recommended age for my child’s first trip to the dentist?
What procedure needs to be followed if my child develops a toothache?
I want to teach my child how to brush his teeth. How much toothpaste should I use and when should we actually start using it?
Are dental x-rays really safe?
What is a good diet to ensure proper dental health?
What is a good schedule to put my child on with the dentist?
This dentist on Boston Road knows that nothing is more important to you than your child’s health and that is why our clinic is here to answer any and all questions that you might have.

One area that can cause many parents concern is over the safety of fluoride. In general, a child can be given non-fluoride toothpaste when first learning how to use a toothbrush. Once the child has gotten into the habit of spitting out the toothpaste, a small amount of fluoride toothpaste can be used. Most dentists feel that a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush is sufficient for dental cleaning purposes.

Just remember that the earlier a parent starts a child on the path to good oral care, the better it is for the child’s overall oral health.

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