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Cleaning: You should visit your Dentist on Boston Road at least two times every year for a thorough Dental Exam and Professional Cleaning. Early detection is the key to proper oral health. During your dental visit, your Bronx dentist will examine your mouth for any signs of decay, mouth sores, oral cancer or gum disease. X-rays can give insight into the total health of your mouth. If small issues are detected early, your dentist can provide treatment that will prevent further damage.

Visiting your Dentist in Bronx, NY, is important, but good oral hygiene begins at home. You can contribute positively to your beautiful smile by proper brushing and flossing. The foods and drinks that are included in your diet also have an effect on your teeth. If your teeth are healthy, then do not take that health for granted, and continue to work to improve your teeth. If your mouth shows signs of disease, then it is even more important to practice proper oral hygiene every day.

Each Dentist in Bronx, NY, will advise that your teeth should be brushed a minimum of two times every day. It is especially important to brush your teeth before you go to bed each night. According to the American Dental Association, the tooth brushing should be performed with toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. You should brush for at least two minutes, and carefully reach all sides of each tooth.

Most people are consistent about brushing their teeth, but it is easy to forget to floss. If you are tempted to skip flossing, remember that your Bronx Dentist recommends that you floss at least once every day. Flossing cleans the gaps between your teeth and the areas of your teeth that are under the gum line. Proper flossing will keep plaque from forming on your teeth. Plaque can cause severe damage your teeth and gums, so flossing is an important preventative measure. Whether or not you are able to brush your teeth, make sure to rinse your mouth out with water after each meal. You should also rinse your mouth after every brushing and flossing session. Some people like to use mouthwashes to freshen their breath. Ask your Dentist on Boston Road for a mouthwash recommendation, since there are washes that can also help prevent plaque and gingivitis.

Many patients are surprised to find out that the types of foods they eat can have an impact on their oral health. Good nutrition is vital to fuel every area of your body, including your mouth. Strive to eat a well-balanced diet from each of the food groups. Calcium-rich foods, such as milk, cheese and yogurt can help you develop strong teeth and bones. Your Dentist on Boston Road can give you specific advice on any nutritional deficiencies in your diet that are harming your teeth. The dentist will also tell you how to properly care for your teeth at home each day. It is smart to take a pen and notepad to your dental appointment, so you can write down your dentist's instructions. You can refer to these notes at home if you have questions about your oral hygiene regimen.

Make sure that you visit your Dentist in Bronx, NY, for your regularly scheduled cleanings. Your Bronx Dentist recommends that cleanings take place twice a year by a certified dental hygienist.

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