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Dental Crown Procedure by Dentist on Boston Rd in Bronx NY 10469

Dental Crowns: everything about Dental Crown from Bronx Dentist 10469

A crown will be a necessary addition to a mouth that has a tooth that has deteriorated to the point of no longer fitting in with the person’s other teeth; the crown covers the tooth and makes it appear as it had before the injury or decay occurred. Most likely, a Bronx Dentist will recommend that a patient accept a crown for a tooth that cannot be repaired with a filling alone.For free Consultation contact your Bronx Dental Expert.

The purposes of the dental crown are to:

• Cover a tooth that has been cracked
• Cover a tooth that has broken down and has a very large filling in place
• Aid the Dentist in Bronx Office in placing a bridge
• Keep a weakened tooth from being damaged
• Improve the look of a tooth that has broken
• Restore the appearance of a tooth that has become stained or has lost its shape
• Cover the implant that replaces a missing tooth
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What is the process that a Bronx dentist uses to place a Dental crown?


The first thing a Dentist in Bronx will have to do before we can place a crown is prepare your tooth to accept it. Removing a portion of the tooth so that it is small enough to fit underneath a crown will be necessary. To prevent any discomfort during the procedure, we numb the area around the tooth to be treated.

The next thing we will do is place putty on your teeth to make an impression. We do this so that the lab technicians have a mold of your mouth for making your crown. It takes about two to three weeks for the crown to be completed, but in the meantime, we will place a temporary crown over the tooth so that you can comfortably eat while you are waiting for placement of your new crown.

After the crown is finished, a Dentist on Boston road will take the temporary crown off and place the permanent one on with cement.

What types of Dental crowns in Bronx do people have to choose from?


A Dentist on Boston road has many techniques to use for placing crowns and several different types of materials for creating a crown.Get moore info on the Blog.


Metal Dental Crowns

– The metal crown is just that, metal. Completely made of gold, platinum, palladium or some other types of metals, these are the sturdiest kinds of crowns. They can withstand biting and chewing very well without breaking or becoming damaged in any way. Although they are so strong and efficient, people often reject these types of crowns because they are silver-colored.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Dental Crowns

– PFM crowns solve the problem of metal crowns because they are the natural color of teeth. They are just below the all-ceramic crowns in quality but they appear to be like the teeth that are already in the patient’s mouth. One drawback is the metal beneath the crown that can cause there to be a line of silver within the mouth. Another negative is that these crowns tend to cause the teeth around it to break down. The porcelain area also has the potential to become broken.

All-Resin Dental Crowns

– For the cost-conscious, the all-resin crown may adequately suit their needs. These are the least expensive of all crowns but they may need to be replaced after a period of time because they are more susceptible to being broken than the other crowns.

All-Ceramic/All-Porcelain Dental Crowns in Bronx

– These crowns create the best chances of obtaining a crown that matches the patient’s other teeth but these crowns are not as durable as metal crowns and PFM crowns; they also have the tendency to break down surrounding teeth more than crowns made from metal or resin. Even so, they are the best choice for teeth that are easily seen, such as the front teeth.

Are There Any Complications to Receiving a Dental Crown in Bronx?


The crown may cause people to experience more sensitivity around the area but this will be more prevalent if the tooth still has the nerve intact. The remedy is to use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. If people experience pain when they bite on their new crowns, the cause may be that the crown has not been fitted low enough on the tooth. This problem can be corrected by a Dentist in Bronx.Sometimes You even need Root Canal.

If the crown chips, the Dentist on Boston road may be able to fix it; if not, they can replace the crown.The Dentist on the Boston Rd Bronx take Walk Ins and Emergences with out appointments.

Another possibility is that the cement that seals the crown can wear down and the Dental Crown becomes loose. This situation sets up the potential for decay underneath the crown, and this will require attention by a Bronx Dentist.That's Why You need 6 months check up.

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