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Dental Bridges at the Dental Office on Boston Rd Bronx NY 10469

 ALL YOU Want to Know about Dental bridges Bronx NY 10469:

People with missing teeth can regain the look of their mouths, decrease the stress caused by missing teeth and make their mouths look better and natural by having dental bridges installed. Those with missing teeth have two choices, fixed bridges or removable bridges.Get more info on the Replacement of Teeth.And if you follow your Bronx Dentist advice for Preventive Dentistry you might never need to replace missing teeth!

The purpose of dental bridges is to:

• Give people their old smiles back and Restore the Teeth
• Decrease the chances they have of contracting Gum Disease
• Make it possible for the patient to bite and chew again
• Give the patient the ability to speak clearly again
• Keep the teeth that remain in place from shifting position

The Kinds of Dental Bridges  in Existence

Patients have the choice of having a Cosmetic Dentist Dr Sandler implant one of three kinds of bridges:

• The first type is the traditional bridge

that will be used to replace at least one tooth but can also be used to replace several teeth. The dentist on Boston road(contact us) will make a implant that takes the place of the lost tooth or creates a crown that will be placed on either side of the missing tooth; a false tooth will be made and placed in between these two crowns. These fixed bridges are different from dentures because they can never be removed. Most people with dental bridges have this type of bridge that has been created by the Dentist in Bronx Office from one of two substances: porcelain and metal or ceramics.

• Those who have missing front teeth will be given the choice of resin bonded bridges,

also called Maryland bonded bridges. This type of bridge is not as expensive as fixed bridges, and is good for people with generally healthy teeth that are lacking large fillings. The procedure requires that a cosmetic dentist,read our blog, fuse resin to a metal band that will be attached to the teeth that are already present in the patient’s mouth. The teeth next to the one to be replaced do not require much preparation.

• The last type of dental bridge is the cantilever bridge


 a bridge that is best used on an area that is not experiencing a lot of stress. One good area for the cantilever bridge is the frontal area. It is also an excellent choice for restoring teeth that have an open space only on one side.

The Procedure:

The Dentist on Boston Rd will need to prepare the teeth next to the area that needs to be treated. These teeth will be fitted with a crown, so they may require that the dentist shave down some of the tooth enamel.

The second thing the Dentist in Bronx will do is make an impression of the patient’s teeth. These impressions will make it possible for the dentist to create the person’s bridge, the tooth to be replaced and the crowns that will be placed over the patient’s existing teeth.

It will take the Dentist on Boston Road between two and three weeks to create the bridge. Because the patient’s teeth and gums are in a vulnerable position after they have been prepared by the Cosmetic Dentist, they will need to have some sort of protection covering them. For this purpose, the patient will be fitted with a temporary bridge.
On the next appointment, the Dentist in Bronx will be able to remove the temporary bridge to apply the fixed bridge. After insuring that the permanent bridge fits well, cement will be used to permanently attach the bridge in its proper place.


After the Bridge Has Been Installed

The point of installing a bridge is to make it so that people can chew their food in a more efficient fashion but these patients will have to allow their bridges time to adjust before they begin chewing hard foods. They will need to first chew small portions of softer foods before they begin chewing the harder foods. A common symptom of new bridges is sensitivity when patients eat or drink hot or cold foods and beverages. A good affect is that they will also notice they will be more easily understood by people.

Caring for a Bridge Installment

To keep their bridges intact for between five and 15 years or more, people will need to regularly clean their bridges. By making sure to have good oral habits, they will keep oral bacteria from accumulating on their teeth and gums

There are several ways to improve your look throught the  Cosmetic Dentistry.


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