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Why crown? A crown may not be the first thing that a dentist on Boston road will suggest to solve a patient’s dental problem because the procedure is so destructive to the tooth. To place the crown, a Bronx dentist needs to shave away most of the original tooth in order to be able to place the crown. This would be the main reason that patients do not necessarily want a crown to be their first choice when they need to have a tooth repaired. Crowns are not the only option people have; dental bonding or veneers are also a way of correcting dental problems and these procedures can be easier to do than applying a crown, but these other options are reserved only for particular cases. A crown will be needed if the original tooth is not sturdy enough to support a veneer or dental bonding.

A dentist in Bronx can make a crown out of all types of different substances. Some dentists will even create a crown that is made completely from gold. Other types of crowns can be made of other materials with one common type being a crown made from porcelain with a metal piece attached. This type of crown may not be the most desirable because the metal part of it is visible. The metal creates a dark area along the gum line that can be easily seen by other people, and some patients would rather have a more natural look. A Dentist on Boston Rd can achieve this more natural look by creating an all-ceramic or all-porcelain crown for these conscientious patients.

No matter the price range that patients are under, the Bronx Dentist can offer them a large selection of different brands of crowns that will be perfect for their mouths. Crowns have many different price tags, so a Dentist in Bronx will charge patients based on the type of material used to create the crown. How does a Dentist on Boston road apply a crown to a patient’s tooth? The Dentist in Bronx will make sure that you know all the options you have for fixing your tooth. After the Bronx Dentist determines that a crown would be better for you than any of the other dental solutions available, the tooth will need to be prepared to accept it. The first thing the dentist will do is clean the tooth, relieving it of all decay. Then, the tooth will need to be shaped with the dental tool called a burr. Before this process can begin, the dentist will administer local anesthesia that makes sure that you never feel any discomfort during the procedure.

The next thing the dentist will need to do is create a mold of your teeth so that it can be sent to the laboratory. From this mold, the technicians can create a crown that will fit perfectly into your mouth. This will take at least two weeks but no longer than three, so you are going to need a temporary crown until the dentist can place your new permanent crown where it belongs. This will happen on your next appointment, when the dentist will be able to take the temporary crown off of your tooth and replace it with the newly-made permanent crown.

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