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People can lose their teeth for several reasons, including contracting a disease, experiencing some sort of injury or not taking care of their teeth properly. After people lose a tooth, the best remedy is to have that tooth replaced so that their gums and other teeth will not be negatively affected and their confidence when they are in social situations will not decrease. When a Cosmetic Dentist Dr Sandler places an implant, he will place a prosthetic root within the jaw that will hold the future Crown, Bridge or Dentures. With implants, people who have lost teeth will be able to eat again without discomfort and smile without being concerned about how they look without their teeth.

To replace the tooth Dentist on Boston Rd Dental Office will place a simulated root made from titanium into the patient’s jaw. The Crown, Bridge or Denture will be placed on top of the titanium implant to create a regular-looking tooth. After the dentist in Bronx has given his patients an implant, the results are permanent, giving them the ability to eat whatever they were able to eat before they lost their teeth. The best part is that no one will ever know that these people ever had missing teeth.

   The Advantages Dental Implants Offer

The dental implants created by a cosmetic dentist are often better than other options for replacing missing teeth. For one, implants give people the best chance of receiving a replacement that looks and feels the most like the rest of the teeth in their mouths. The fact that the dentist on Boston  roadwill surgically drill the implant into place where it will act as the root from the lost tooth did gives the new tooth the ability to appear to the patient as if it is a natural tooth.

By replacing lost teeth with implants, the dentist in Bronx keeps his patients from experiencing bone loss and also keeps their gums from receding. Dental implants also do not affect the teeth around them. Unlike a bridge, which will weaken the teeth adjacent to it, implants maintain the strength and dependability of every tooth.

The Procedure

The dentist on Boston road will set several appointments to perform the implant procedure. The patient will need to make a commitment of several months to complete the procedure. On the first appointment, the cosmetic dentist will place the titanium implant into the patient’s jaw. After this has been done, the dentist in Bronx will need to wait until the implant can meld into the bone and the area has a chance to heal. This process, called Osseo integration, will take around three to six months. The dentist will have placed supports to keep the implant in place. These are the parts that will need to heal before the dentist can measure the patient for the replacement tooth. On the patient’s next visit, the replacement will be positioned. The entire procedure will be completed on an outpatient basis under general or local anesthesia.

If there is only one tooth to replace, the dentist will apply a crown. Several teeth in a row will require a bridge, but the entire set can be replaced with a complete bridge or a complete denture. Whichever the dentist and the patient choose, they will be able to care for their new teeth as if they were real teeth at home and by visiting the dentist regularly.

Who Is Right for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are right for people who currently have decent Oral Health; they must be in good physical health as well. The dentist will need to have adequate bone to do the procedure. To create optimal conditions, the Dentist will perform a bone graft on patients whose jawbone has receded. Even if patients have had difficulties with their teeth, such as gum disease, damaged teeth, dentures or loss of bone, they may be candidates for dental implants. A majority of the people who undergo this procedure have very good results. Children would not be considered for this procedure until their jawbones have completed the growing process; if implants are placed before a child has finished growing, the implants will not look as they should and will also not perform as expected.

  • If dental implants appear to be a good option for you, make an appointment with your Dentist to discuss whether or not you are the right candidate for the procedure. It’s a possibility that dealing with lost teeth is about to come to an end. Dental implants can give you a complete smile and it can be done easily and expertly.

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