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Dentures: Dentures are artificial teeth that allow people who have lost their original teeth to chew and talk as they did before the loss. When people replace their teeth with dentures, they will also look as they did before they lost their teeth and this helps to improve the image they have of themselves. If the teeth are missing, the cheeks look as if they are sunken in and this causes people to appear older than they are. With new dentures, these people regain the appearance they used to have, and they can fit into social settings better because they look like everyone else again.

By visiting a cosmetic dentist Dr Sandler for dentures, patients have the choice between three different types: full dentures, fixed dentures and partial dentures that can be freely taken out of the mouth. Those who will require full dentures are patients who no longer have any teeth at all or very few teeth on the top as well as on the bottom, known as the maxillary and the mandibular jawbones. Most people only require partial dentures, and they opt to purchase fixed dentures on a large scale. To perform this procedure, an expert Bronx dentist(contact us) will be needed because installing dentures in between healthy teeth can be a difficult process. Those who opt for partial dentures that can be removed are those who are not candidates for fixed dentures, such as patients who have too few teeth for fixed dentures as well as too many teeth for full dentures.

Sometimes, people who have received dentures have noticed that the dentures will move when they are eating. The dentist in Bronx has a rating system that categorizes this movement on three different levels:

• Support – This principle describes how well the dentures are able to adhere to the gums as the wearer is chewing; the best case is when the dentures become more and more attached to the mouth during the chewing process. Dentures that have the strongest support are not as likely to move up and down.

• Stability – The dentures also have the possibility of moving from one side to the other or from the front toward the back and vice versa. When this occurs, it creates a dangerous situation for the patient. If the denture has not been placed in a mouth that is most accessible to dentures, they will not be as capable of maintaining stability. To help make sure that people will have the closest fit, the cosmetic dentist will need to ensure that the patient’s mouth will be able to sustain dentures.

• Retention – Dentures may tend to move from side to side as was described above, and retention is the principle that describes how well the dentures resist this tendency. If the Bronx dentist makes the dentures to fit the patient’s mouth correctly, the less likely the dentures will be to move away from their proper placement into the patient’s mouth.

How a patient’s dentures perform on the three principles listed above depends on how well the dentist in Bronx has made the dentures in the first place. What is generally recommended is that people visit a denturist or a prosthodontist to have their dentures made. The exception would be the Bronx dentist who has received specific education in the making of dentures and is an expert in this art. It has been found that when dentures are placed on the top, they will adhere better when none of the patient’s original teeth remain in place. On the other hand, dentures placed on the bottom will work better when people have some of the original teeth left.

Taking Care of Dentures

Just like with regular teeth, people will be required to clean their dentures of the plaque that can develop and other food particles that can become lodged within them. By doing this, denture wearers will be able to support good oral hygiene. Dentures can be cleaned with regular brushing but this will be done after the dentures have been removed from the mouth. Brushing does not complete the cleaning process for dentures; they will also need to soak their dentures every night in the cleaning solution that the dentist in Bronx has suggested they use.

It is to be expected that people will need a little time to become accustomed to eating and talking after receiving their new dentures. The cosmetic dentist may suggest that they first begin to chew small portions of soft foods. After a time, they can increase mouthfuls and the hardness of the food. Generally, it only takes about two weeks for people to become fully adjusted to their dentures. If their dentures are uncomfortable, they can always return to their dentists for a readjustment.

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