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Geriatric Dentistry on Boston Rd Bronx NY

Geriatric Dentistry ----As every Dentist in the Bronx knows, proper oral care is a lifelong commitment. While pediatric dentistry focuses on children, geriatric dentistry specializes in providing oral care to older adults. This Dentist on Boston Road understands that tooth care doesn’t stop when a patient gets older. In fact, with the increase in life expectancy that is currently enjoyed by many adults, proper oral care is more important than ever.

Gerodontics is the practice of dealing with the Dental problems commonly seen in older patients. These problems run the gamut from periodontal disease to dentures that are not properly fitted. In addition,  a dentist in the Bronx has seen older patients that have lost teeth due to improper oral care when they were younger. While some elderly patients need the services of a Cosmetic Dentist, many need someone trained in gerodontics.

If there is one thing that this Dentist on Boston Road knows, it’s that no two elderly patients are alike. Some might need a simple crown replacement, such as any Cosmetic Dentist can handle, while others might need more specialized care. Just as there are a wide variety of different dental conditions that need to be addressed, there are also a wide range of patients and backgrounds. Some patients might be suffering from dementia or depression, while others might have severe arthritis. No matter what the situation, every elderly patient needs to be treated with gentleness and understanding.

Dentist in the Bronx has seen a patient with serious diabetes, such as is common in many elderly patients. Patients who have had oral surgery need to be monitored closely, as diabetes often puts an individual at risk following surgery.

While some elderly patients require the services of a Cosmetic Dentist, this Dentist on Boston Road knows that they always need someone who is able to deal with any situation that arises. Working with elderly patients requires time and patience, as well as the ability to listen to patients about any fears they might have. Since some elderly patients have grown up without proper oral hygiene training, it is important for the dentist to guide them throughout the entire dental process.

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