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Dental Exams

Dental Exams
Your friendly Dentist on Boston Rd Bronx Dr Sandler can assist you in proper oral health and appearance. In today's trying economic times, some people view dental visits as an unnecessary expense. On the contrary, regular dental visits, exams and professional cleanings will contribute to your comprehensive oral health. Early detection is the key to preventing tooth loss and disease. The minimal fee charged by your Dentist can save you thousands of dollars in medical bills in the future. Your Bronx Dentist is committed to maintaining your healthy, beautiful smile.Contact your Bronx Dental Expert

If you have not visited a dentist in a while, you might wonder what will happen during your visit. First, you will need to schedule an appointment with your Dentist in Bronx location, New York. Try to arrive to your appointment a few minutes early to fill out the necessary paperwork, and be sure to give the office personnel of your Bronx Dentist your current insurance information.

X-rays are usually performed to provide a clear picture of your tooth alignment and check for any signs of decay. Regular x-rays can show the dentist any changes in your teeth from year to year. Your Boston Road Dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and jaw. He will let you know if there are any signs of gum disease or tooth decay. Children should visit the dentist regularly to ensure that their teeth are growing correctly and have the proper alignment. During your exam, your Bronx Dentist will ask you numerous questions regarding your health and oral hygiene routine. It is important to answer these questions honestly so that the dentist can provide a personalized maintenance and treatment plan for you.

Early detection by your Dentist on Boston Road can keep minor problems from becoming major ones. The earlier treatment is started, the more effective it will be. Your dentist in Bronx, New York, will check for tooth decay, cavities, missing or broken fillings and signs of gum disease during your oral exam. The dentist will note any abnormalities on your chart, so they can be evaluated at future visits. Many common oral problems can be alleviated with good oral hygiene if they are found early enough. This keeps you from needing expensive and often painful treatments from your dentist. It will also keep your teeth healthy by preventing irreversible tooth decay and damage.

Your professional Dentist in Bronx, NY, will be happy to help you maintain your beautiful smile. Biyearly exams and cleanings are the only Dental Services needed by the majority of dental patients. However, each person's dental plan and situation is unique. If you need further treatments, our skilled dental staff will determine the best course of action for your case.

Please feel free to consult with your dentist on Boston Road if you have any questions about your dental health. Open communication is necessary to keep both providers and patients well-informed. Our trained, professional staff is happy to deal with your inquiries during our regular office hours. Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in maintaining your oral health. We appreciate your trust, and are proud to offer comprehensive, friendly care to our patients.


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