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Dental fillings

The most common Dental Service,more on dental services, that people will have when they visit a Bronx Dentist Dr Sandleris dental Fillings. They are used to make the teeth look better and retain their usefulness after they have been damaged by decay or injury. A Dentist in Bronx can use different materials to create the substance that will fill in the area that has been damaged or decayed to give the tooth its shape back. This makes it easier for the dental patient to perform necessary biting and chewing movements. This treatment is relatively permanent and contributes to the patient’s ability to use his or her teeth in the most efficient manner.

Kinds of Fillings: One type of filling that can be created by the Dentist on Boston road is from either quartz or glass. It is placed within a resin medium to create a filling that matches the natural color of the tooth. These types of fillings are also called filled resins, and they are chosen to repair small or medium-sized imperfections. They provide great resistance to anything that could harm the tooth, and are also highly resistant to being damaged themselves. The Dentist in Bronx works to create a filling that will so closely match the color of the patient’s teeth so as to be unnoticeable by others.

Another type of tooth-colored fillings is called glass ionomers. The Bronx Dentist may choose to use these fillings on children because this substance made from glass and acrylic releases fluoride. This type of filling is only expected to last, at the most, five years, so they require that they are replaced.

The least costly and strong fillings are called amalgam fillings, and they have been used as dental fillings for many years. These fillings are very strong, and they serve their purpose very well but people opt not to have these fillings because they are so easy to see; they are the silver fillings that most people are familiar with.

No type of filling is without its pros and cons, so the Dentist on Boston Rd will examine and will need to be consulted to determine which type of filling will serve the needs of each individual patient.

The Procedure of Filling Teeth: First, the Dentist on Boston road will need to clean the area of damage or decay with a laser or another hand-held tool. Then, the tooth’s surface can be cleaned in preparation for receiving the filling substance. The dentist applies the filling that has been chosen and made to appear to be as much like the other teeth as possible. This procedure only requires that people make one trip to their Bronx Dentist.

In some cases, the filling is not all that is needed. Sometimes, patients also need to have a crown fitted, or if the situation warrants it, an implant or a bridge. If the tooth is too damaged or infected to qualify for dental fillings, the Dentist in Bronx will suggest that the patient have a root canal.

How to Care for Fillings: Everyone is counseled to brush their teeth twice a day and floss once a day as well, and this is the procedure they will continue to perform each day after they receive dental fillings. They will also need to have professional cleanings every six months that will aid the dentist in finding any future issues at their earliest occurrence. Paying close attention to their diet and limiting the amount of sugar they ingest will also help dental patients to reduce the amount of decay in their teeth.

From the very beginning, dentists have been using silver fillings to repair teeth that have damage or decay. The latest technology allows dentists to now take advantage of tooth-colored materials that make it impossible for anyone who is not a dentist to detect the presence of it. If people already have these amalgam or gold fillings, they can have them replaced with the new tooth-colored material that makes their mouths look much better.

Although the new tooth-colored dental fillings are very strong and durable, they have a tendency to become discolored after several years, but they are as easy for the dentist to apply as the amalgam fillings, even if it takes a little longer to complete the process.

The price of tooth-colored dental fillings is not that much different from metal fillings, with the tooth-colored fillings costing less than gold but a little more than the more conventional metal materials.

When patients attend their appointments to have their teeth filled, they will discuss with their dentists what their options are and which is the most appropriate for them. Feel free to call our office today to learn more about your dental filling options.

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