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Invisalign: You can have the smile you have been dreaming of all your life and you don’t have to suffer through years of braces on your teeth if you visit the Dentist on Boston road. That means that the Dentist in Bronx Dr Sandler will not give you those old, familiar pieces of metal that are there to darken the brightness of your mouth. When you see the Bronx dentist, your lips and your cheeks will never experience the irritation that metal braces cause. Furthermore, you will be able to play the sports you love without having to be concerned that your mouth could be damaged in a mishap.

The Dentist on Boston Rd uses Invisalign to straighten patients’ teeth without ever placing any of the bands, brackets or wires in your mouth that are commonly used when people must wear metal braces. The Dentist in Bronx will custom-make your aligners that give you the convenience of being able to remove them whenever you feel like it. You will be able to eat and drink without the taste of metal in your mouth; you can brush and floss your teeth without having any obstructions preventing you from adequately cleaning your teeth; and if you have a special occasion you would like to attend without the Invisalign in your mouth, you can take it out and enjoy your evening without the aligner.

Your Bronx dentist will use the latest technology to make sure that your Invisalign aligners can move your teeth in a better position. With the computer that uses three dimensional technology, the Dentist on Boston road will create a succession of repositioners, the other name for aligners, that gently move your teeth in better alignment with each other. You and your Dentist in Bronx will work together to determine what the end goal will be. You will wear each aligner for a period of 14 days, one right after the other until you reach the last one. After you have finished your treatment, you will be able to smile with confidence.

The Best Candidates for Invisalign

Those who would be the best candidates for Invisalign are people with crooked or misaligned teeth, anyone with crowded areas in their mouths as well as people with large spaces between their teeth. People with more complicated conditions such as overbites, underbites and crossbites can also be helped by the Bronx Dentist with Invisalign.

How Invisalign Is Better for You than Metal Braces

Invisalign will be much better for you than metal braced for several reasons, such as:

• They look better
• They are less expensive and offer more payments options
• They cause less disruption in a person’s day
• They do not hurt as much
• They can be taken out of the mouth when it is most convenient
• People can clean their teeth better with removable aligners
• Wearers can eat anything they like
• Going to the dentist’s office to have their aligners tightened is not necessary; rather than do this, they will switch to the next aligner at the appropriate tim

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