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Lumineers:  One type of porcelain veneer is the lumineer.Dental Lumineers are more advanced than porcelain veneers that don’t require the tooth to be shaved down as much as a crown does, but lumineers even need less of the enamel to be reduced by the Cosmetic Dentist. Lumineers are clear and very thin, and they can be applied directly to the tooth or to other dental work, such as Crowns or Bridges. Because they do not require the Dentist in Bronx Dr Sandler to do anything more than add them to the appropriate surface, most people qualify for this easy procedure. Lumineers are a great option for people who are looking for the fastest way of improving their teeth; lumineers require the least amount of work by a Dentist on Boston road, read our blog, but they offer the recipient results that are just as good as they would receive from other types of veneers.

People who have teeth with cracks, teeth that are chipped, teeth that are discolored, teeth that have wide gaps or teeth that are crowded can all be helped with lumineers; a Dentist on Boston Rd who can apply lumineers also has the expertise to generally improve a patient’s smile even without the serious problems described above. Lumineers are a way for people to avoid having to have braces applied to their teeth. Lumineers also are chosen over braces because they do not add silver to the mouth; on the contrary, they help the patient’s smile appear to be brighter as they are making the patient’s teeth appear to be straighter. They are a great option for those who do not have any very difficult problems for the Dentist in Bronx to fix. In order to learn whether or not you are a good candidate for lumineers, your cosmetic dentist will need to do a thorough evaluation.

The Procedure for Applying Lumineers: Patients who will go through this procedure will only need to see the Dentist on Boston road two times. The Dentist in Bronx is not going to apply any anesthesia or drill any part of the patient’s mouth, so people who are very concerned about the pain they may experience at the dentist’s office have no reason to be concerned. The lumineers will be custom-made, so the cosmetic dentist will need to make a mold of the patient’s mouth on the first appointment. The patient will be given the chance to choose the color of their lumineers so that they will blend in well with their other teeth. The mold and the color choice will then be sent to the Lumineers Smile Design Studio, and the patient can go home because the dentist will not need to apply a temporary lumineer on the tooth.

After seven to 10 business days have passed, the patient’s lumineers will be ready to be applied.

The application procedure is a positive one for patients because:

• The procedure can be completed in such a short period of time
• The appearance will be gloriously white for many years
• The patient will not experience any discomfort upon completion
• Very little, if any, pain follows the procedure

After Lumineers Have Been Applied: A dentist can apply lumineers, and the patient can immediately forget that they are there. They will not have to do anything special to maintain the appearance of their lumineers, and their great results will last for more than 20 years. One of the best advantages of lumineers is that people can decide at a later date that they would like to have them removed. Because the dentist would not have removed any enamel in order to apply the lumineers, patients will be able to regain their original smiles just by having the lumineers removed. The act of removing the lumineers also does not harm the tooth in any way.

People who have lumineers attached to their teeth are also not under any dietary restrictions. They can eat anything they ate before the lumineers were placed, and it will even be possible for them to enjoy chewing gum! The only thing people with lumineers will be counseled to do to care for their teeth is to visit the dentist twice a year for cleanings. Because this is what everyone needs to do to make sure they maintain their oral health, lumineers do not require that patients perform any extra actions to care for their teeth.

Lumineers cannot break down or stain, and they may be the best choice to improve your teeth. To find out, call our office for an appointment to learn more about lumineers today!

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