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Oral cancer: A human’s mouth is truly a glorious invention. With it, we have the ability to eat our food and drink the fluids we need to survive. So many things can be done with our mouths, like talking, laughing, shouting, smiling and kissing. Without a mouth, we would never be able to take pleasure in the delectable tastes of a gourmet meal. The mouth is associated with so many of our memories, both recent memories as well as distant ones, but we never truly appreciate our mouths until they are ravaged by oral cancer.

In the year 2012, 30,000 Americans are going to receive the diagnosis of one of two types of cancer: oral or throat. Every year, 8,000 people who were given the diagnosis of oral cancer succumb to it and lose their lives. As a matter of fact, one person is going to die from oral cancer every hour of each day. Oral cancer does not have a ribbon or a month designated toward its awareness like other types of cancer, but it is still a disease that is more dangerous than a lot of the cancers that people can contract.

Most of the people who will ultimately be diagnosed with oral cancer by a Bronx dentist will be at least 40 years of age or older. This fact does not really offer people of younger ages any consolation, because a dentist in Bronx has been known to discover oral cancer in people of much earlier ages. According to scientists, people who use “smokeless” tobacco have a high incidence of contracting oral cancer. Although this is the case, a dentist on Boston road will detect the presence of oral cancer in three out of four patients who are tobacco users of any kind. If these patients drink alcohol as well as use tobacco products, they have an increased risk of contracting the disease.

A Bronx dentist will inform his patients that spending great amounts of time in the sun is another risk factor for developing oral cancer. The dentist on Boston road can also advise his patients to wear sunscreen when they spend inordinate amounts of time in the sun. If they do not, they will have a very good chance of contracting cancer of the lip. The dentist in Bronx will advise his patients to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in their daily diets. Those who fail to eat enough fruits and vegetables are making sure that they increase their chances of acquiring oral cancer.

People who do not wish to hear the unfortunate news that they have oral cancer will need to make sure they visit the dentist on Boston road on a regular basis. This will make it possible for the Bronx dentist to find the cancer early. In between visits to the dentist in Bronx, people can perform their own self-examinations every month. The best option is to see a professional, but self-exams do help people to recognize that there may be a problem before they have a chance to visit their dentists, and it’s very easy to do the self exam!

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