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Ortho Consult: Many adolescents and teenagers are fitted with braces to correct the alignment of their teeth. However, braces are just one tool that are used in the science of orthodontics. The term orthodontics is a broad term that is used to describe the prevention and correction of tooth or jaw misalignment. These irregularities can cause both dental or facial deformities.

Your Bronx dentist has the training and experience to diagnose many orthodontic problems. During your dental exam, your Dentist in Bronx Dr.Sandler  will examine your teeth and facial structure. The  servicesdentist will be checking for tooth issues such as crowding, crookedness or improper spacing. The dentist will also check to make sure that your upper teeth are not protruding.

Proper alignment is important, so your Boston Rd dentist will make sure that your mouth is properly aligned, and that you do not suffer from a crossbite, overbite or underbite. In a crossbite, at least one of your teeth is incorrectly angled toward your tongue or cheek. This results in strain on your jaw. If you have an overbite, your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth by at least five millimeters. An overbite can cause headaches, and it is one of the most common dental disorders in children and young adults. An underbite occurs when your lower teeth are in front of your upper teeth when your mouth is closed. This can make the lower jaw appear more prominent, and can make chewing difficult.

Most cases of incorrect alignment are caused by genetics, so they can not be prevented. However, your friendly dentist in Bronx, NY, will work with you to successfully treat these conditions. The technical term for an incorrect bite is malocclusion. The experience of your Boston Rd dentist allows him to successfully treat orthodontic problems.

The most common tool used to correct a malocclusion is braces. Our Bronx dentist office can apply braces, and we will carefully monitor you throughout the entire orthodontic process. Braces are effective because they work to slowly move your teeth into their correct positions. Braces can also help your jaw become properly aligned. Along with braces, your Bronx dentist might suggest head gear, rubber bands or other orthodontic appliances to complete your treatment.

Once your braces are removed, your Boston Rd dentist will take a mold of your mouth. We will then create a retainer to help your teeth maintain the correct alignment. In the beginning, your dentist will likely recommend that you wear the retainer during the day. After a few months, the retainer is used mostly at night while you are sleeping.

We have seen wonderful results from our patients who choose to undergo orthodontic treatments. Crooked teeth or a protruding jaw can have a negative effect on a person's appearance and self-esteem. Many of our patients report feeling self-confident and pleased after their alignment issues have been corrected. A new smile is a wonderful investment in your future.

Although orthodontics is most commonly practiced with adolescent patients, orthodontic treatments can assist patients of any age. It is important to remember that treatment is most effective when a problem is detected early. Your dentist in Bronx, New York, recommends that all children have an orthodontic exam when they are seven years old. This allows our skilled physician to find and treat any alignment problems early.

If malocclusions are not corrected, serious problems can occur. Patients can suffer from jaw pain, headaches, gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss as a result of orthodontic problems.


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