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Preventive Dentistry at 10469 Boston Rd Bronx Office

 Preventive Dentistry:

A proactive approach to dental care is far less costly and less painful than visiting our Bronx Dentist Office when a problem arises. While our Dentist on Boston Road Dr.Sandler is highly knowledgeable and experienced in fixing the most serious dental problems, he would rather prevent these problems from developing in the first place.

Preventive dentistry

is so important that some insurance companies would prefer to pay 100 percent of preventive care costs.And Dentist at the Bronx Dental Office on Boston Rd takes most of Insurances and Unions Plans. This is because they know poor dental health is more expensive to fix than it is to prevent. Additionally, poor dental health leads to more dangerous and costly complications.

The common recommendation among professional dental associations is that patients should visit their dentists at least twice a year for a comprehensive check up. When you visit our Bronx dentist office for a comprehensive exam, we will perform the following:

X-Ray Examination;

X-rays show tooth decay before it becomes visible.It also shows whether you have impacted or extra teeth. X-rays will also show whether you have an abscess, tumors or cysts. They also help the dentist evaluate the condition of any fillings or other dental work you may have had in the past.

Gum Disease Evaluation:

Your dentist in Bronx will check the bone around your teeth and your gum line to note any signs of periodontal disease. This disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. It is estimated that as many as 75 percent of adults will develop some form of gum disease. In addition to tooth loss, gum disease leads to more serious complications such as heart disease and heart attacks.

Tooth Decay Screening:

Once x-rays are reviewed for any hidden decay, your dentist will check your teeth for any visible decay and determine the most appropriate treatment.

Oral Cancer Screening:

The lips, tissues and gums along with your tongue and throat will be thoroughly examined for signs of cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions. Oral cancer accounts for 40,000 new cases each year and is the sixth most common cancer in the United States.

Evaluation of Existing Restorations:

Our dentist in Bronx will examine any dental work you have had done before. The condition of existing fillings, bridges and crowns will be assessed. If any issues are noted, your dentist will review options for repair or replacement.

Occlusion Analysis Occlusion

is a fancy word that explains how your jaw and teeth work when you bite down. An improper bite can affect how you look and your physical well being.

Screen for Bruxism Grinding

or clenching your teeth not only causes excessive wear on your teeth, it also affects the muscles of your face and neck. Screening for bruxism is done by examining your x-rays for signs of damage and your teeth, jaw and jaw muscles. At our dentist on Bronx Road office, we can fashion teeth night guards to reduce the effects of clenching or grinding.

Once you have had your comprehensive examination, your Bronx dentist will recommend you come in for regular cleanings. At your cleaning appointment, we will perform the following: remove tartar build up, remove plaque, polish your teeth, review your home dental care routine and recommend an at-home dental routine.

Patient education and communication

are important preventive dental health tools used by our dentist on Boston Road. The rule regarding regular, twice a year visits may not apply to everyone. If your dentist determines that you have very little risk for dental problems, then he or she may recommend you only visit once a year.

Other populations may require visits of more than twice a year.Contact Your Bronx Dental Expert This includes high-risk groups such as: People who have diabetes. People who smoke or chew tobacco. People who are susceptible to cavities or build up plaque. People who who are being treated for gum disease. People who have a weak immune response to bacterial infection.

Many people avoid the dentist because they fear pain.

Today there are many techniques both medical and non-medical designed to make your visit to the dentist in Bronx less stressful. You will be treated with the highest level of care at our Boston Road dental offices. We are partners in preventive dental care. You must do your part by daily brushing and flossing along with keeping your dental appointments at your dentist on Boston Road. Let us do the rest.

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