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Teeth Whitening:   A popular procedure in Cosmetic Dentistry is teeth whitening or Dental bleaching. Teeth that have lost their former brilliance and shine need a little help returning to their former state, and this is what a Dentist on Boston Rd Dr Sandler can do with chemical substances created just for this purpose. The main ingredient in most of these substances that a Cosmetic Dentist will use to whiten teeth is hydrogen peroxide. At times, a Bronx Dentist  may opt for carbamide peroxide instead; while inside the patient’s mouth, this substance will turn into hydrogen peroxide.Contact your Bronx Dental Export.

Hydrogen peroxide encourages a patient’s teeth to whiten but the Bronx Dentist will employ the use of lamps or lasers to accelerate the peroxide’s whitening process. As the Cosmetic Dentist uses these instruments to supply more and more energy to the peroxide so that the peroxide can have greater and greater results, he also protects the teeth from being damaged in the process. Even so, the patient may experience some sensitivity to heat and cold due to the inflammation that may occur during the whitening procedure.

It can be dangerous for a Dentist on Boston Rd to use hydrogen peroxide to whiten a patient’s teeth. These chemicals can be harmful and they degrade while in an area of the human body that can be easily susceptible to being injured. The delicate tissues of the mouth can burn while a patient undergoes this procedure, and it is what dental practitioners have to guard against the most. If the dentist were to miss the tooth and apply the peroxide to the patient’s gums, the gums can receive a significant injury. The gums can also be bleached if the dentist misses the teeth.

As the procedure has become more popular, dentists have learned new ways to increase the safety of teeth whitening. Dentists are beginning to phase out the use of the less precise lamps and are substituting them in increasing numbers for the more accurate and technologically advanced lasers. A laser that has been found to both quicken the effects of peroxide and decrease the hazard posed by this substance is the laser called the argon laser. These lasers will also decrease the instances of tooth sensitivity because they tend not to damage the tissues as easily. This can be the case because much less ultraviolet radiation and heat is needed.

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