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Bronx Cosmetic Dentist Dr Sandler on Boston Rd 10469 in the Bronx

The Best Bronx Dentist on Boston Rd Bronx 10469:

Bronx Dentist(home), Sergey Sandler, arrived in the United States from Russia with his family at the age of 16. He entered Forest Hills High School in New York where he graduated. After graduation, he went on to Queens College of Arts and Sciences where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. After Queens College, he moved on to New York University College of Dentistry where he received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery.
People who see Dr. Sandler,Dentist in Bronx 10469 will be assured of receiving the most attentive care possible at his Dental Office in the Bronx 10469 (location). This Bronx Dentist has extensive experience.  Dr. Sandler,Dentist in Bronx is dedicated to continuing his education; Dr. Sandler’s intention is to always be at the top of his profession.Dr.Sandler,Dentist in Bronx,provides complete Dental Services.Read his Blog.
Dr. Sergey Sandler has been perfecting the art of dentistry since 1987 after his graduation from the University when he first started practicing. Since then, he has become highly skilled and expert in his field.
 To Contact Bronx Dental Expert call 547-5280.   Dr.Sandler,Dentist in Bronx,sees Dental Emergency,walk ins with out appts.This Bronx Dentist provides Special Dental Care and Free Consultation.

Dr. Sandler is currently serving in the Department of Family Dentistry as their Chief of Comprehensive Treatment Plans, but after his graduation from the dental college, he started practicing dentistry in his own office in Astoria, Queens within a medical community. He ran this office when it was first opened in 1987 until 1994. A change happened in 1994 because he became acquainted with another dentist with whom he decided to associate and join in another dental office. This office was located in Harlem, New York, and is where he began a new practice in dentistry at 142 St and Lenox Avenue.


Your Bronx Dentist on Boston Rd Bronx 10469:

Dr. Sandler became a Dentist on Boston Rd after discovering how much he enjoyed serving the dental needs of the people in Harlem. He was so in favor of practicing in this community that in 1995, he converted a dilapidated Dental Office in Bronx 10469 into a functional dentist’s office and, subsequently, continued helping the people of Harlem. This Dentist in Bronx was only able to keep this particular office open one day out of the week, so he found it necessary to open yet another office in Massapequa, Long Island. This office remained in practice from the year 1996 until 2009.

The Bronx Dental Office became extremely successful and was continuously growing, so it required that Dr. Sandler be a Bronx Dentist full time. Since 2009, Dr. Sandler has been a Cosmetic Dentist in Bronx at 3366 Boston Road. He is currently a Dentist on Boston Road Bronx 10469 who truly appreciates the neighborhood and is devoted to serving the needs of this community.

The many years of experience Dr. Sandler acquired, how much he loves to practice dentistry and the pleasant people the patients encounter in his office are all features that will make visiting this dentist’s office an enjoyable experience. On top of that, every patient’s unique needs will be met with the appropriate solution to their particular problems. Contact information.

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